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Internet marketing consists of natural searches, organic SEO marketing, Social Media marketing and PPC advertising strategies. We provide SEO website marketing services at competitive prices, we offer unparalleled quality, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. We take SEO consulting seriously, and we will give you a detailed report about your website.

Our SEO package includes:

- Search Engine Optimization
- Keyword research
- On-page and off-site optimization
- Link building
- ROI maximization
- PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ad campaigns
- Social Media exposure and marketing
- Google/Bing/Yahoo! index submission
- Landing page creation and analysis
- SEO Website maintenance
- Competitor analysis
- Website optimization
- Sitemap and robots.txt file creation and maintenance
- Website code optimization (HTML tags, header tags, ALT tags, etc)
- Internet web search marketing
- Improve user experience
- Website analysis

Please email us the link to your website, desired keywords, and geographical area (world wide, national, state, or county)

Web Designer/Programmer/SEO Services Best Prices

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Web Designer/Programmer/SEO Services

Offering the Best Prices 

We offer you the best prices on web design, programing, SEO, site updates
e-commerce sites, flash, magento, anything web related.

SEO Services - Google Panda/Penguin Safe

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I have years of experience with search engine optimization and marketing. I offer services that will increase your website traffic, rankings, visibility, leads and sales. 

In today's market it takes time to build trust and authority. Getting traffic and high rankings for your website is an incremental process, which should be executed strategically over time. In most cases, marketing is not an one-time ordeal. It's a continuous effort. Therefore, I tend to focus on long term services. My rates are competitive and you can cancel services at anytime, no obligations. I use effective white hat techniques and Google Panda/Penguin friendly methods to improve your website's online presence.

I will create you a free digital marketing plan and provide a quote for my services.

Don't pass up on this chance! It's the best online marketing services in town. Get your website the traffic it deserves. Contact us today!


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Digital Marketing and SEO Services

Are you looking for SEM/SEO or Digital Marketing services? Our experts have experience in working with businesses of all kinds. . .Small or Large. We offer a very wide range of services such as:
Inbound Marketing 
Search Marketing 
Social Media Marketing 
Paid Media 
Analytics Reporting

Proven Professional SEO Services

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How Do I Get More Leads Or Sales From My Web Site?

Of all the questions I get this is probably the one that I get most. When I sit and talk to business owners, I hear the same thing, over and over, I get no business from my web site. It has been a waste of time and money. Just like in the old days the mantra used to be location, location, location. If your business was in a good location you were successful if not you weren't. Well the same thing holds true on the internet. The real estate that is valuable is the first page of Google search results. If you are not on the first page of Google search, then you are probably not going to generate a lot of sales and interest from your web site.

But it is not just getting to the top of the search engine that will magically transform your website into a lead generating monster site. It take much more than location. It takes marketing. It begins with the 145 characters of text that describe your business and ends with the form that a client can fill out to get you to contacts them. You can prove this to yourself, because every time you do a search on Google you do the same thing most people do. You read the descriptions to find a site that most closely describes what you are looking for. Here is where marketing begins! Most small businesses with a website either do nothing about the description, and they allow Google to choose what your description will be. Or they have a meta tag description and waste it by describing how their company is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

A Little Common Sense Goes A Long Way

Put yourself in your potential leads shoes. Instead of telling them how great your company is, just feel their pain! There are reasons why anyone buys your products or services. And more often than not there are a couple main reasons. Those reasons are what your description needs to address. If you do that correctly you can pull all the clicks into your web site that the top ranked guys missed because their description did not address what the customer wanted.

Many SEO companies are capable of getting you to the top of the search engines. It is not rocket science, just some hard work to do that. But if you get there and nothing happens, no leads come in. The phones don't ring! Then look at your site and find the reason. Marketing is the reason. If your website is packed with keywords to rank, then you threw the baby out with the bathwater. It's like buying thousand dollar front row seats to a concert, then not attending the concert.

SEO Is NOT Just Search Engine Rank!

When people visit a web site they are looking for solutions! Give them what they want and the leads will come. Be informative, be succinct, and most of all be honest! That's why the average SEO company even though they can get you to the top of the search results fail. It is in the end all about marketing! All about getting a reader excited enough to want to do one of the two results you are looking for. Pick up and the phone and call you or complete a form so that you can call them. That's it two simple results. It's not hard, but it is something that most SEO guys do not understand. What sets us apart is we do and we make sure that we do everything in our power to insure you are getting the absolute most from any visitor to your website. Here is what set us apart from the competition.

SEO services for fixing any rank problem on Google | Fast results

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We have been mastering the craft of SEO since 2009. Our team of experts will sit down with you and offer services to handle all of your online needs for your website including website design, hosting, wordpress & SEO. You will not find a better service at a more reasonable price than with us.

keywords: seo, search engine optimization, wordpress website design, designers, website service

Full Service Web Design & Development and SEO Services

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We have expertise in over 20 programming languages including PHP, AJAX, MySQL, JavaScript/jQuery, XHTML Transitional/Strict 1.0 through HTML5, and CSS/CSS3. 

All new websites come with a fully responsive design that optimizes your sites for smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. Another standard practice is your code will be validated through the W3C standards and practices, guaranteeing that your site has maximum visibility online and that the layout and information architecture is rock solid.

We offer affordable SEO, like proper code mark-up, and top-tier SEO, like extensive pay-per-click campaigns. These services also include keyword analysis and optimization, proper code mark-up, meta and OpenGraph tag creation, link building, social media management, and micro data.

You can also get a completely customized SEO package. For example, you love your site's design and are happy with your content, but you want to get involved with social media. We'll work with you to develop a plan that focuses solely on your social media management.

You will have access to reports about your website's analytical data and SEO services available at request.

Our consultations are free so there's nothing to lose, we will even come to you. Contact us Today!

Website Design & SEO Services-FREE Consultation-

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Dear Business Owners and Other Professionals,

We look forward to helping you custom tailor the right online web services solutions to help grow your business when the time is right. 

We offer comprehensive web design and development services from clients ranging from owner/operators to established SMB. We custom tailor each website to suit your particular needs

From basic business card type websites, to e-commerce solutions capable of accepting $100,000's/month in orders, to full social networking capability. Please call or email me to see a glimpse of our web design portfolio here:

We also offer a suite of services including SEO and SMM Services:

We offer the most comprehensive SEO Services to get clients to rank at the top of Google. This will drive maximum traffic and is quoted on a case per case basis

Please give us a call and we can schedule a FREE consultation with an SEO technician to give you a FREE analysis to help you deliver maximum value for your web presence.

Unlike other SEO firms, we do not have set packages, and can setup a FREE analysis of your site to ensure delivery of clients on a consistent basis leading to long term Lead Generation!

Our Services:

• We provide the highest quality custom website design & maintenance programs. We work with clients looking to build a site from the ground up and established clients working with the latest CMS and custom coded technologies.
• We bring 7+ years experience with E-commerce based websites with clients ranging from family owned bakeries to restaurants with integrated POS systems and customized CMS solutions built to maintain hundreds of thousands in revenue.
• We bring 7+ years experience in creative branding and identity development to help you build your world class brand. We use a systematic process to help you build a brand that effectively positions your product/service in the marketplace.
• Our experienced consultants will work with you every step of the way to navigate the confusing world of SEO. We provide a thorough education to our clients about the possible do's & dont's in the SEO world.
• We provide the most effective social media consulting to help you create an effective strategy for the social + local + mobile world. We focus on giving you the tools and voice to build an effective social media strategy for the 21st century.
I look forward to answering any/all questions you have regarding our services. 

Affordable Web Design & Seo Services

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Web Design with Seo in Mind! Professional web design services for personal, start-ups, small business or corporate businesses alike. I have a professional Seo / Web Dev background and take projects both large and small. This is a great avenue for local businesses that would like to show within Google organic & local search. The price really depends on the scope of the project, but most small business projects can be done at a reasonable cost. No matter what the state of your current site or if you are beginning from scratch... I have a solution. (eCommerce sites are generally built with either Magento or Prestashop depending on your needs).

***NEW: seo packages available to list your local business in 50+ local business directories, mobile map apps, and social platforms. Push your business profile data to all 50+ directories in real time. Visit my site for more info!!!

View my LinkedIn profile for previous ranking reports & sample work here:

See Example Work on my Site

Lead Generation - SEO Services

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I will create Search Engine Optimized (SEO'd) lead generation pages for your business.

Each page will be optimized for a list of keywords and cities that you furnish.
For example:


Each page will be interlinked to the other pages (something that Google
and the other search engines love)

Also, I can furnish a direct contextual link back to your company's website.
Finally, a banner can be placed on the sidebar of this site, leading people to your company website.

So if you have 20 keywords and 20 cities, I will create a 400 page website for you. 
(Each keyword will be listed for each city.)

Price: $795.00 ($500 down and the balance upon completion)
Most jobs can be completed in 48 hours after receipt of all required information.

Affordable Web Design, Mobile Website & SEO Services

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We are affordable and professional!!! Contact us and see for yourself. We build custom and do not use templates. For a Free quote, give us a call or visit our website.

We specialize in web design, mobile website design, SEO marketing, Facebook design & QR codes.

Become the exclusive dealer for Vera Wang merchandise in Canada - $200000 (Toronto, Canada) condition: new We are selling the domain name. You can make millions from this opportunity. Low price for a quick sale. Open to partnerships too.

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We are selling the domain name. You can make millions from this opportunity. Low price for a quick sale. Open to partnerships too. Email here or Call


Need SEO?

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Having an impressive website is the first step to getting your business established on the web. The next step is to have people find you. Sign up for our cost effective SEO Plan and become visible online.

Plan Features:

- Thorough Website Inspection (FREE!)
- Effective Page Titles 
- Proper META Tags
- Google Webmaster Tools
- Social Media Marketing

Make your website look good, work properly on smartphones/tablets-$100

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Make your website display properly on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices

Responsive Web Design

Look around you and see how many people have smartphones or tablets? Almost everyone!!

How does your website appear on IPhones, IPads and other mobile devices of all different screen sizes? Is it easy for people to navigate your website on a touch screen device?

Nearly 40% of all online traffic now comes from mobile devices.If your site does not display properly on smartphones and tablets, you are missing out on a lot of potential customers who find it difficult to get around your site on a small screen.

You need to make sure that your website is "Responsive", which means that it will automatically resize to fit whichever size screen the customer is viewing the website on.

I can help you convert your website into a responsive one for a reasonable price starting at only $100.

14+ years experience as an IT/Software Consultant, Web developer, SEO. 

Keywords: Responsive Websites, Responsive Web Design, Mobile, Web Development, Website, Web site, Web Design, Development,Responsive, Iphone, IPad, Smartphone, Android, Tablets, Wordpress, Apps, Theme, Change, Upgrade, Update


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Website Development
Websites average 15 to 99 dollars a page depending on how many pages and images. For example a 1 page splash or lead capture page is 99 dollars. 5 pages is around 250 to 300 

Search Engine Services
Search Engine Optimization (seo) starts at 99 a month. Price depends on the amount of search terms you want to be on first page or first place for. I have over 15 years seo experience. Ill get you to dominate your niche in a matter of months. I can rank you for anything and my program is second to none. My team and i normally compete against other optimizers for high commission, global affiliate sales. Getting you to rank for your local business is so easy compared affiliate seo marketing it is actually funny. Real seo guys rank local businesses in their sleep compared to super high cost affiliate keywords. Brick and mortar, local business (maps and organic) seo starts at only $100 a month(doctors/dentists/contractors//lawyers/brokers etc etc). Affiliate seo (where the big boys play) starts at $300 a month. If your looking to rank nationally/globally for a product and are not a local business you must be able to afford 300 a month at a minimum. Our program lets all the seo secrets out of the bag and tells you what my competitors dont want you to know. 

Shopping Carts
Ecommerce (shopping carts) with full paypal or merchant bank credit card processing. Averages 299 to 2000 dollars depending on the amount of products in your store and the platform we use. We work with all back ends like magento, woocommerce, etc etc. 

Social Networking
Social Network instalation (creation) or marketing on sites like facebook, foursquare etc etc is available. We can build you a new network or market on the network of your choice. 

We are located locally in New York City and accept paypal. We work with any type of budget but do require the projects to be large to meet in person. Most jobs can be handled via email or phone calls and only cost a few hundred dollars . For larger jobs with above average goals we are happy to meet up in person. 

Below average freelancer pricing is available to guarantee you the lowest cost for your new site. Call the number in the ad now. If it is after hours please leave a message. 

Software & Database Development

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We offer Database & Application Development for businesses. As a group of engineers and business man, we are experienced in software developing and database management. Our services include,

- Software Programming such as VB.Net
- Database Development such as MS Access & MySQL
- Organizing Orders/Quotes, Invoices
- Inventory management
- Project management
- API such as Google map integration
- Sharing data
- Mobile friendly
- Customization & Automation

Website design and hosting - 50$ per page

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We are a full-service, professional web design and hosting company located in Burnaby BC, British Columbia, Canada. 

We offer affordable, professional web design and hosting services for businesses and organizations. 

Realize your business objectives through coordinated company branding, and online marketing campaigns. 

Raise potential customer awareness of your business with leading edge website marketing and branding. 

Rank high in Google, Bing and Yahoo search results with search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. 

Complete turnkey websites available. 

Several Plans available:

All Plans include: 

- 6 month minimum commitment
- Simple banner logo on each page
- 6 pages of information 
-- Welcome 
-- About Us 
-- Services 
-- Products 
-- Contact Us 
-- Blog 
- name reservation (.CA or .COM) 1 year 
-- you pick the name 
-- we do the rest! 
- website design 
-- Wordpress 
-- template driven 
- website hosting 
-- quality servers 
-- no down time 

$49 per month for 3 months for basic site 
- no email 
- low traffic 
- mainly for use as online brochure or ad 

$99 per month for advanced site 
- basic site plus 
- SEO page optimization
- upto 3 email addresses 
- medium traffic 
- mainly for start-up company 

$149 per month for deluxe site 
- advanced site plus 
- Google, Yelp, Bing and Yahoo placement
- upto 9 email addresses 
- high traffic 
- product photo gallery 

then $25 per month for next three months 
- small changes to site (15 minutes per month)
- paid in advance 

then 15$ per month for next 6 months
- tiny changes to site (5 minutes per month)
- paid in advance 

Social Media & Branding Management

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Have you noticed that in your market place that your website and or social media presence is not quite where it should be? Have you noticed that the graphics you had done years back are no longer matching the standards of todays marketing materials? Do you simply NOT have the time/money to source out a graphic designer, printer, and marketing manager? Look no further!

With over 14 years in marketing/advertising and over 10 years in graphic design/advertising/branding - I have what it takes to bring your business into this century at an affordable rate.

What can I do for you?

1) Graphic Design - Logos, Business Cards, Flyers, Posters, Brochures, Tent Cards, Menus, Coasters, Branding Materials (giveaways etc).

2) Web Design - Website Design, Wordpress Design, Facebook Design, Twitter Design, Email signature Design etc.

3) Branding - With all the industries I have worked in I know the leading Branding and can match yours to meet the needs of your business, and to catch the eye of your consumer.

4) Marketing/Advertising - As someone who is always working through and finding what works in terms of branding, I am exposed to the best marketing and advertising strategies available, and can help integrate these into your business. We also can help get your business attached to the correct events to offer sponsorship to expand your base.

5) SEO - I am also able to help build your SEO so that you can stop paying $1200 a month to Yellow Pages and have the maximum exposure necessary to build your business.

6) Social Media - I can build a strong social media presence in a short time, and help maintain the numbers and your relevance by monitoring and creating contests, posts etc.

NOW, the big question - what will all of this cost YOU? A fraction of the costs you have paying each of these items individually. One day a week in your offices so that all you have the hands on, and one day a week at my own office design/create/implement. The cost will SURPRISE you.

Please email the link above - and let's discuss your options, each day you wait is a client/project/job lost.

Our Most Popular SEO Packages



Call/text: 1-604-700-7323 or click image below to request an SEO quote

Request an SEO Estimate and FREE SEO Report

SEO in Vancouver is the Leading SEO Team for Vancouver and Globally. We have the most affordable SEO Packages in the World. Contact us today to find out how we can help you reach the top in search engines. Please include your phone number for fastest response.
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SEO for Vancouver Wedding Photographer — Brian 2013-07-12 17:53

I can't thank SEOinVancouver. com enough for all the great SEO work that they have done for us, getting us into #1 and #2 spot for our main keyword. It is a very competitive field and it took about a year to get to #1 spot but it is Really worth it. We get dozens of calls every month from interested clients that find us in the search engines and that has more than doubled our revenue. Thanks again.

Your SEO work on is amazing! — Jason 2013-07-12 22:10

Thank you again for the great SEO work done on We now get over 50,000 visitors per month as a residual of your SEO efforts and that saves us a fortune in adwords spending.



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