SEO Vancouver calls for the return of profile photos on Google search results

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SEO Vancouver has voiced it's support of the return of profile photos in the Google natural search results. We find that is a very useful tool for branding websites and for providing the best experience for search users. Until a year ago Google would naturally show a profile photo in the search results. This served as a guide for searchers to find the results from a trusted source, such as Recently Google has removed this feature, making it harder to spot the results from a trusted source. We think that this is a wonderful feature and call for it's return, together with the Google Page Rank. We hope that Google listens to all of our requests. 

SEO Vancouver creates sophisiticated Online Business Development Framework dedicated to Canadian Audience

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SEO Vancouver, as the leader in Online Business and Online Marketing has developed the most sophisticated Online Business Development Platform. What is more, we have a dedicated platform for the Canadian Market. Almost all of the know how available is based on US data. And while that is fantastic, it is not fully aware of the issues and concerns that come into play in a Canadian market. We can help with this. Through our extensive properties with hundreds of thousands of products and issues we have our finger on the pulse of the Canadian marketplace. We can spot trends way before they become popular. Take advantage of this know how before your competitors do. Every day thousands of Canadian investors talk to us. We can help you talk to them too! Exclusivity agreements are available. Call us today or even better fill in the Contact Us form at the top of this website.

SEO Vancouver announces 100% increase in SEO visibilty in Bing for

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SEO Vancouver has learned from Bing that the visibility of on the Bing search engine has increased by 106% in the last 30 days alone! This is a tremendous growth and has to do with the fact that now ranks in the Top 10 in Bing for the super competitive keyword: TSX. With hundreds of thousands of searches each month this is the most competitive keyword in Canada. also ranks #1 in Bing and Yahoo for the equally important keyword: TSX Today. To get SEO results like these contact us today via the contact us form at the top of this website, or just give us a call!

SEO Vancouver now provides keyword ranking monitoring service

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SEO Vancouver can monitor your keyword rankings very affordable. We will check your rankings daily and provide a full report every month. The rates start at just $20. Contact us with your requirements and we will start monitoring your keyword rankings on all the major search engines. This is very important to make sure that you are doing well and are investing in the right amount of SEO. Even if you are not one of our SEO clients you should get this service to make sure that we can provide you with unbiased ranking reports.

SEO Vancouver warns Google that Not Updating Page Rank is a Security Risk

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SEO Vancouver has announced that Page Rank is a key security feature of browsing the internet and should be protected by Google. Page Rank is a number issued by Google which identifies how important a website page is. The rankings range between 0 and 10, with 10 being the most important. This is a KEY security feature when you are dealing with internet phishing problems. Often the scammers will send the victim a link to a FAKE website and claim that it is real so that they can steal the login information. Bu checking the Google Page Rank of the page one identify fake websites very quickly. Google has not updated the Page Rank in a while and we warn Google that this carelessness is undermining the security of internet browsers.

What can you do: Contact Google and ask them to update the Google Page Rake immediately!

SEO Vancouver: Our Client Reaches 1 MILLION Visitors landmark!

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SEO Vnacouver's client reaches a tremendous milestone: 1 MILLION Visitors! We congratulate them! They are the leading provider of UNBIASED stock market information for Canadian stocks. Check them out! 

SEO Vancouver Client Ranks in Top for The MOST Competitive Keyword in Canada

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SEO Vancouver has ranked our client into the Page #1 in both Yahoo and Google for the most competitive keyword in Canada. THe keyword is "TSX" and gets over 500,000 searches EACH MONTH. We outrank the BIGGEST Websites in the world, including Google, Yahoo, CBC and countless others. To get AMAZING results like these, callus or contact us via the contact form at the top of this website! Your competitors have probably already called! 

SEO Vancouver Offers Video SEO for Vancouver and all of Canada

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SEO Vancouver is the leading expert in Video SEO for All of Canada and Globally. We have ranked our clients for EXTREMELY competitive keywords and we can help you too. We have made extensive research into video SEO and how it can help you more than other forms of SEO or marketing. Contwct us via our contact form at the top of this website to learn more! 


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In this package we work to help you DOMINATE your local marketplace for All your keywords

  1. We target up to 100 Keywords for your website
  2. We directly target up to 30 local market keywords
  3. We broadly target 70 general industry specific keywords, aiming for local rankings
  4. We develop powerful, relevant web properties
  5. In depth niche market research
  6. Essentially we do for your website what we have done for ours, which is very successful!
  7. For a limited time this is just $399 for all of Vancouver and the GVRD (usually $2,000). Hurry to sing up before we increase the prices. is the best performing SEO team in/about Vancouver. We have achieved the most top rankings of any other SEO website within months. We have a lot of expertise and can provide many SEO related services, such as keyword research, niche identification, SEO content creation, onsite SEO, linkbuilding, internet marketing strategy, and more. For example we can analyze thousands of potential keywords to target, and identify the most popular ones that are easy to rank for. We can create Youtube channels with very high rank, we can identify thousands of blogs with related content to comment on and build an audience as well as links, and more.

Typically we start our clients with one of our affordable monthly packages and go from there. They include: keyword monitoring and report, keyword research, linkbuidling and strategy development. Depending on the client and their requirements, we also develop blogs, write SEO articles, distribute reviews, develop Youtube channels, create Facebook and Twitter pages, establish Google+ Profiles, and many other web assets. We do everything needed to rank higher in today's ever changing SEO!

Keyword and Market Niche Research:
We work with each client to analyze the keywords to target. We typically analyze up to 800 keywords in great depth to make sure that we are targeting the right keywords. This is a crucial first step. Our system of keyword analysis and niche identification is the best in the world and we have an entire server dedicated solely to this purpose.

Keyword tracking and monitoring:
After we have identified the keywords to target (up to 30+ of them) we then proceed to add them to our system that tracks them in real time. All the rankings are checked daily and a detailed report is sent every month, or more often if necessary. Other websites charge much more for this service alone.  Sample report here:

Strategy Development:
A key aspect of our SEO services includes the development of a custom made strategy for each client, taking into consideration the market and the objectives of each SEO campaign.

We identify up to 1 Million potential linkbuilding opportunities, and pursue internet marketing to ensure visibility. We do not pursue all 1 Million opportunities, but work with as many opportunities as necessary in each case. The key is to make sure that our internet marketing efforts are natural and truly reflect the high quality content of each website that we are marketing.

Competition Research:
We identify the SEO competitors to your website, and we work to identify their SEO strategy and develop a better one.

The SEOinVancouver SEO process is Very safe and reliable, with constant improvements in rankings.


Your Email:

Basic SEO Setup for Small Websites. - VOLUME DISCOUNT

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Basic SEO Setup for Small Websites. Features:

This package is a must have for any website owner. It provides the basic SEO Setup that will enable SEO rankings to start pouring in. It provides the best bang for the buck because it is very affordable. It includes:
1) Market Research
2) Keyword Identification
3) On Page Optimization
4) Identification of Technical Problems
5) Implementation of SEO for Wordpress, Joomla or other CMS


SEOinVancouver Client Gets Adsense Revenue from Jupiter

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One of our clients, has received Adsense revenue from the Jupiter Moon Europa.

FREE Website Design, Hosting and SEO for NON PROFITS (Vancouver, all of Canada)

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Our website:

Sample of Non-Profit Donation Website:

Our Services

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Our Services

‘Social PR’

BRIDGING THE GAP between ONLINE and OFFLINE communication strategies

Online Communication: social media, internet marketing, email marketing, SEO, video content, blogging

Offline Communication: marketing/networking events, posters, guerrilla marketing tactics, promotional tools


Complete Service List

Marketing Strategy Evaluation & Proposals

RFP’s (Requests for Proposal)

Social Media

Public Relations

Brand Strategy and Development

Promotional events

Website Development

Promotional Videos

Create Social Media Profiles (Vancouver - Worldwide)

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We need to create social media profiles for our business. As many as possible. We have them on Facebook, G+, Twitter, but we need on other oner. Thousands. Can you help? Computer generated is ok. You can get someone else to do them, it's ok, we don't care. 

I need to know: 
- Total number of profiles
- Quality of websites, roughly, not completely spammed ones 
- How detailed the profiles will be, with website URL in them, description etc. 

So this is best for some that can computer generate these profiles, with the same email and password. I will give you the email to use.

If you do a great job, we have lots more demand.


    We Are TOO GOOD AT SEO !!!!

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    We are officially TOO GOOD at SEO! 

    As we have been doing SEO for one of our clients who provides Craigslist Posting Service, we have been talking about Craigslist on our website. Then we started to get some strange calls, asking me if I am `that guy from Craigslist`. I said yes because sometimes we advertise our SEO Services on Craigslist. However it turns out that the caller was looking for Craig of Craigslist. I explained that I am not Craig of Craigslist, just a regular user of Craigslist. I hanged up and did not think anymore about it until another call came, and another, and another. And this has been going on with people calling to ask for Craigslist. I wondered why. Did some research and found that we now rank very high for keywords related to Craigslist, including Craigslist contact number and support queries. So now we are actually too good at SEO, because we are ranking even for keywords that we are not trying to rank for, and against one of the biggest websites in the whole WORLD! Would you like to have the same problem, contact us today and ask for our SEO Services! Ranks for over 300 Keywords

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    Social Sedia Maintenance

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    Call us today to learn about our social media maintenance packages, local and national. 


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    We provide the best quality SEO Services for Surrey and all of GVRD. We are the most effectice SEO team for Surrey, Vancouver and all of Canada. Call today for a free SEO consultation. 

    Our Most Popular SEO Packages



    Call/text: 1-604-700-7323 or click image below to request an SEO quote

    Request an SEO Estimate and FREE SEO Report

    SEO in Vancouver is the Leading SEO Team for Vancouver and Globally. We have the most affordable SEO Packages in the World. Contact us today to find out how we can help you reach the top in search engines. Please include your phone number for fastest response.
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    Latest Portfolio & Major Clients (This Year)

    SEO Services by SEO in Vancouver Clients


    seo vancouver real estate clients realtors remax

     seo vancovuer services by seo in vancouver for best western

    seo client for seo vancouver seo services

    SEO Vancouver in Social Media

    SEO Vancouver on Google+

    Facebook page of SEO Vancouver

    SEO VANCOUVER on 300 Water St, Vancouver, BC, V6B 1B6

    SEO Vancouver on Twitter

    SEO Vancouver on 688 West Hastings, BC, V6B 1P1

    SEO Vancouver on 68 Water St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1A4

    Review Ratings

    SEO Package
    Rated 4.8/5 based on 182 reviews


    SEO for Vancouver Wedding Photographer — Brian 2013-07-12 17:53

    I can't thank SEOinVancouver. com enough for all the great SEO work that they have done for us, getting us into #1 and #2 spot for our main keyword. It is a very competitive field and it took about a year to get to #1 spot but it is Really worth it. We get dozens of calls every month from interested clients that find us in the search engines and that has more than doubled our revenue. Thanks again.

    Your SEO work on is amazing! — Jason 2013-07-12 22:10

    Thank you again for the great SEO work done on We now get over 50,000 visitors per month as a residual of your SEO efforts and that saves us a fortune in adwords spending.



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